When is a pizza oven more than a pizza oven?


Traditionally made of brick or stone, the forno, Italian for oven, has been long revered in fine cuisine as a time-honored means to cook delicious foods. Its barrel vault shape and natural, wood-fired heat provide both consistency and decisive smoked flavoring.

Normally, a forno is purpose built, fixed and permanent in an outdoor barbeque setting or the commercial-grade kitchen of public eateries. It’s most often used — and most commonly known in North America — as a pizza oven.

But a pizza oven does more than just pizza, of course. And when it’s a Cherrywood Forno, it does much more than that.

Fabricated entirely from surgical grade stainless steel and mounted on a commercial kitchen cart, the Cherrywood Forno delivers executive culinary arts in any setting, any season and for any occasion, temporarily or permanently.

The arch of this its distinctive, double-lined vault is packed with a ceramic refractive layer to keep wood fired heat consistent on the inside yet harmlessly warm on its exterior. Meanwhile, the fire and cooking surface is a genuine masonry floor of refractory bricks, providing a true chef’s cooking environment: quick to heat, easy to sustain, and a wonderful place to work your magic.

Other features include a rear ash drawer for convenient cleaning, a stainless steel chimney stack with adjustable flu vent, and a removable door with peep hole and thermometer. And while the Cherrywood Forno can accommodate any type of wood, we’ve found the very best fuel to be its namesake, cherry wood, which provides a hot, slow and consistent burn as well as a sumptuous, unsurpassed smoke flavoring to any food.

As such, the Cherrywood Forno is always ready to make the best wood fired oven pizza you’ll ever taste — and so much more.

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Residential Customers

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Cherrywood Forno has created a sensation in the outdoor entertaining space as an upscale, stainless steel “pizza oven” for home and commercial use. It is the brainchild of Calgary’s Chef Richard Bywater. Read more…